Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RIP to the laptop

Recently my laptop died of accute graphicus boardatis burnum.

After 2 and a half years (just after the end of the warranty - thank you Mr. Murphy!) my ASUS A7Sv stopped working.
For some time I could observe that it could get extremely hot, and the fan was always at full speed.
My suspicions fell on the graphics board, so I dig up a little.

Seems like lots of people have been complaining of burned NVIDIA 8600m (my graphics board). Apparently it is a chipset error extending to some models (http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1028703/nvidia-g84-g86-bad).

Now I have a very big brick (17" Wide to show how big), just because of a single component. How i miss a good desktop board swapping...

As a temporary solution I'm using another laptop that is missing a monitor (I still don't know how my brother managed to break it!), connected by VGA to my old (old, old, old) 14" CRT with very dark images (it can make eyes hurt...).

Now what to do for a new machine?
A new top-of-the-line laptop that might suffer the same fate (as another reference to Mr. Murphy)?
A notebook that can barely run any of the software I use?
A desktop that I can't carry around (yes, I have a lot spare time away from home where i could use a computer)?

When to come a laptop with swappable graphics board?

After toying with my ASUS (I tried to evaluate the possibility of swapping graphics board), I lost the use of the monitor (it's filled with stripes of several colors, but it's better than the black screen I had before), but i can use an external monitor.
I don't know much about electronics, but it seemed like the board had two cores for graphics. Maybe that other core is responsible for the output to the external monitor...

Didn't try for much time, but maybe I could end up having two 'half' laptops.
First it's better to buy a cooling pad.

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