Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On The Move

I like to keep my personal development environments on a USB drive, because i spend a lot of time on computers other than my own (mostly because of business trips).

Also you never know when you'll need some tools on a computer with no internet connection, or where you can't install software.

So I use Portable Apps ().

To be even more portable, I download only the applications and extract the the USB drive, so no PortableApps executable necessary.

But I also carry installations to some of the applications I consider essential in case I need to share them (as with family asking to the IT guy to fix something).

Here are some of my toolkit apps:

- ARDC Data Recovery Tools (Data Recovery Tools);
- AVG (Anti-virus);
- Combined Community Codec Pack (Codec Pack);
- daemon408-x86 (ISO reader, but can't install on Win7 :( );

- KeePass (Password Database) ;
- GIMP (Image Editor);
- Notepad++ (Text Editor);
- PeaZip (Archive Manager);
- SumatraPDF (PDF Viewer);
- VLC Video (Video Player);

[Runs without Installation]
- ExamDiff;
- Reflector (.NET);

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