Wednesday, August 4, 2010

HTC Desire Android 2.2 OTA

I finally received Android 2.2 for my HTC Desire.

As no upgrade will run perfectly (must be a Murphy's Law), here are the problems i've encountered:

- Google Contacts updated automatically, removing all data saved to phone only (a.k.a. private). Should have saved that data as merged contacts;
- Google Market seems slower (probably just to much users at the time because of the upgrade, or slow wi-fi).
- Google Market no longer shows list of apps installed before the upgrade (but they still work, and can be updated/removed if you search for the app) (after installing new app, the full list was restored);
- My Calendar (offline) was removed. Couldn't find a way to create another;

Generally i haven't noticed any differences, besides a few new apps (Flashlight, Location Picker, Hotspot Wi-Fi) and improved UI (Application Manager).

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